Whitepaper 'BIM for FMIS' - part 3

28 februari 2022 | 1 minuut lezen

On behalf of FMN Technology Expert Team, six IFM suppliers present the 3rd and provisionally final part of a series of white papers on the exchange and application of BIM. The white paper 'BIM for IWMS' - part 3 is an addition to Part 1 and Part 2. In both previous white papers, 10 principles were mentioned, which must be considered during the transition from construction to management on the one hand, and attention to day-to-day use on the otherhand should be given attention.

In this third part, the project team shares experiences of users about their intended goal to make a business case in integrating BIM and IWMS. We will give users more insight and inspire them with use cases. We aim to create value by optimizing existing processes with BIM functionalities. We also provide insight into how they can earn back the investments.


Should you have any questions, you can contact your known contact person from the IWMS supplier, send an email to FMN Expertteam Technologie, or send a message via one of the links below:

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